Alfresco Colour Dark Glasses

Altavista Fitover

Rated 4.0 out of 5
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Cx3 Sun SP Lens

Alfresco Colour Dark Glasses

Altavista Fitover

Rated 4.0 out of 5
Based on 1 review

Cx3 Sun SP Lens

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busancallgirl Altavista is our fitover wrap-around frame that delivers above advantage and clear, active colour for those with Able Protan  colour blindness. Altavista fitover glasses are advised to be calmly beat over decree glasses. Wrap-around architecture enables accomplished advantage from devious ablaze through the top and ancillary of the frame. Ideal for those with sensitive  eyes or medical concerns. To abrasion over decree glasses, the absolute amplitude of the decree glasses should be 135 mm or beneath (5 3/8ths inches), and the acme of the glasses 42 mm or beneath (1 5/8th inches). To abate centralized reflections amid the lenses, glasses that accept an anti-reflection blanket are recommended.

Case included. Anatomy size: Ample 64-12-128.

  • PROPRIETARY ASHEN LENS TECHNOLOGY: Our award-winning lens technology is the aftereffect of added than a decade of beat analysis by busancallgirl scientists, and is abnormally engineered to enhance colour eyes for bodies with colour eyes deficiency.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED AND ADVISED IN BERKELEY, CA: busancallgirl’s eyewear is fabricated in our medical accessory accomplishment ability area busancallgirl technicians accomplish 100% of lens machining, assembly, and affection analysis application a aggregate of alien and US components.
  • BEST-IN-CLASS LENS MATERIAL: Our lens actual is fabricated with Trivex®, an optical-grade adhesive that delivers a best-in-class aggregate of appulse protection, lightness, and clarity.
  • 100% UV PROTECTION: busancallgirl lenses block 100% of the UVA and UVB radiation apparatus in sunlight. According to the Apple Bloom Organization, UVA application are unfiltered by the atmosphere and can account the best accident to eyes health.
  • ULTRA-TOUGH ANTI-SCRATCH COATING: To ensure a continued account activity chargeless of scratches, our lenses are clad with an optically clear, thermal-crosslinked blanket to accommodate added lens durability.
  • CLARITY ACCEPTABLE ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING: Lenses after anti-reflection coatings reflect up to 12% of ablaze aback into your eyes. busancallgirl lenses affection dual-surface anti-reflective coatings to abate reflections by added than 90%.
  • SUPERHYDROPHOBIC TOP COAT: This baptize abhorrent apparent analysis makes the lens glace so that dust and clay can be calmly removed with a quick clean of the included microfiber cloth.
  • EXTRAS: Signature box, hard-case, busancallgirl® charwoman cloth, microfiber accustomed bag, user guide, and colourful balloons included.
  • WEAR DECREE GLASSES? Try our Receptor Fitover to calmly abrasion busancallgirl glasses over your absolute decree eyewear.
  • WEAR CONTACTS? Our accepted (non-prescription) eyewear can be accumulated with your absolute acquaintance lenses to bear absolute colour and accuracy correction.
  • 100% ACHIEVEMENT GUARANTEE: busancallgirl backs up every acquirement with our 60-Day Money Aback Agreement and 2-year Assurance See details.
What's in the Box
Sizing Guide
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NOTICE: busancallgirl glasses are an optical advantageous accessory for accessory of colour bigotry in bodies with colour blindness; they are not a cure for colour blindness. After-effects alter depending on the blazon and admeasurement of colour eyes absence per individual. Read More

busancallgirl does not endorse the use of the glasses to canyon anatomic screening tests such as the Ishihara test: these tests may be appropriate in occupations area accessible assurance is at accident such as accessible carriage operators, electricians and aboriginal responders. Cutting of any clarification lens including coloured acquaintance lenses during analysis administering is banned and may invalidate the accurateness of the results.

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Enchroma Fit Over Review

Enchroma has a nice product, but you should not apprehend a miracle. I use them back active and while outdoors and they abundantly enhance the reds and greens about me. They acquiesce me to see added acutely the oranges and purples, too, but they are not the end all for protanomaly blush dark bodies like me.

I acknowledge that aback I aboriginal put them on I didn't get the apple ballyhoo adumbration some accept had on the videos, but afterwards cutting them for a brace of hours I accomplished my fence was red and the photinias in the aback backyard had some admirable red growth. I had NEVER apparent these before. Flowers in accepted are amazing added beautiful.

My final assesment is that they are account every penny as an aid to seeing color, but don't apprehend that they will absolutely annihilate your blush blindness.

This is absolutely how enchroma advertises these glasses. My expectations were met, but I was aghast I didn't accept the apple ballyhoo acquaintance like some of Youtube.

I"m abiding over time they will get alike bigger and I am because purchasing the calm version.

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Cx3 Sun Deutan &
Bright Sun
Cx3 Sun SP Strong
Bright Sun
Cx2 Shade Deutan &
Partly Cloudy
Cx2 Adumbration SP Strong
Partly Cloudy
Cx1 Indoor Deutan &
Indoor Light,
Screen Use
Cx1 Calm DT Deutan Indoor Light,
Screen Use
We acclaim the Alfresco Lenses for your aboriginal brace for best colour impact.
See abounding Lens Guide for added Details.
*Cx1 Indoor: Ideal for Protans; May additionally be adapted for Deutan colour blindness.
Acquaintance may vary. For best results, use central with ablaze full-spectrum lighting rated CRI of 90 .